The Plot

All our vineyards, split between Monthelie and Rully, are planted with 2 main Burgundian vines:

Our Plot in Monthelie

Monthelie village
  Remagnien 87.99 ares
Monthelie 1er cru
  Barbières 37.85 ares
  Haubruns ( Riottes) 51.21 ares
  Monthelie 1er cru le Clou des chênes 71.64 ares
  Monthelie 1er cru sur la Velle 3.09 ha
  Monthelie 1er cru Cas Rougeot 16.45 ares
Surface of our vineyards in Monthelie 5.74 ha

Our Plot in Rully

Rully 1er cru
  Rully 1er cru Meix Caillet blanc 36.50 ares
  Rully 1er cru Agneux blanc 39.73 ares planted in 2009
  Rully 1er cru blanc Pillot 1.35.96 ha
  Rully 1er cru blanc Cloux 89.12 ares
  Rully 1er cru Préaux rouge 2.00 ha
Surtace of our vinyards in Rully 5.01 ha